Culture First, Individual Second

Research has proven when the culture of an organization is healthy, individuals are happier, healthier, more engaged and more productive.

Savvy Health Solutions specializes in building customized, results-oriented solutions through a consultative, humanistic approach designed to inspire widespread employee engagement. This has proven to have a direct impact on the health and well-being of the employees as well the overall culture of the organization.

We offer various levels of support that can meet the needs of the organization.

consultative services

We specialize in identifying opportunities that can help navigate your organizations wellness program to become self-administered and sustainable whether you are:

  • Launching New Program

  • Enhancing Current Program

Managing entire Program

We provide on-site part-time or full-time health and fitness professionals to manage all elements of your wellness program that may include:

  • Program Coordinator

  • Vendor Coordination

  • Event Planning

  • And much more…

Augmented Services

We have the ability to provide a number of services that can help support a self-administered program that may include:

  • Health Risk Assessments

  • Biometric Screenings

  • Ergonomic Evaluation

  • Health Education Seminars

  • Health Management Programs

  • Personal Training

  • Group Exercise Classes

  • Injury Prevention Programs

  • Fitness Center Planning

  • And much more…

Web Based Portal

Add a web based portal to enhance the administration of the employer's program, which will maximize employee engagement, improve tracking, and ease program management.

Our Wellness Web Portal is powered by BSDI’s Motivation Alliance.