“For a business to get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of relationships, which depends on the quality of conversations. Everything happens through conversations.”

 Judith E. Glaser

Savvy Health Solutions provides a consultative approach focused on assisting an organization through the key processes for developing strategies that will positively impact the employee’s overall health and well-being in one or all the strategic anchors.

We work closely with key leaders and decision makers within the organization to evaluate, design, develop and implement programming that will meet the goals and objectives of the organization.  Below are important elements that factor into our consultative approach.


Leadership support and engagement at all levels throughout the organization is the single most important component to the success of any workplace initiative.  All levels of leadership, from executives to middle management to indirect leaders within the organization need to support and actively participate.


Misalignment within an organization can be a debilitating force to any workplace implementation strategies. Being aligned and intentionally infusing strategic principles into the organizations mission, core values, practices, policies and norms will provide a distinct competitive advantage.


Identifying and recruiting key representatives at all levels within the organization and those representing the best interest of the organization who will assist with the vision, planning and implementation of the programming strategies.

Gathering as much valuable information as possible regarding the organizations culture, employee health, injury claims, employee interest, etc. Once the programs are in place and operational, continuing to gather data will be extremely important as it will provide the necessary information needed for continued, long-term success.



After collecting the initial data, we can now determine some high value areas to begin establishing targeted programs and activities around the organization’s primary objectives.  As the various programs go through continuous evaluations, new activities and programs will be developed and implemented.


With a clear understanding of the essential data collected, initial programming identified, the task is now to develop an operating plan for implementation. The operating plan will serve as the roadmap and will guide those involved to remain focused on the mission and purpose along with the goals and objectives to ensure success.


Creating opportunities for engagement can be the game changer.  When employees feel like they have 'permission' to participate, in the way of time, there becomes the sense that things are being done for them, rather than to them.


Ongoing evaluation of the program will drive innovation and improvement to highest levels of success.  Gathering outcomes, feedback and input from employees, managers and leaders can provide valuable insights.  And, just as important as gathering the information is how to apply the lessons learned.