Shifting the Wellness Mindset

We listen to what you want to accomplish, identify the action items that align with your mission, and partner with you to design a plan that works for your organization.

Savvy Health Solutions specializes in supporting employers with building customized wellness solutions through a consultative, humanistic approach designed to inspire widespread and sustainable changes that will positively impact the culture of an organization. 

Culture First, Individual Second

The culture of an organization speaks to the emotional and purposeful element of an employee’s enthusiasm and engagement. It’s about creating an environment that inspires people to bring their full self to work.  Strong workplaces are built on shared beliefs, value-led behaviors and inspiring a common purpose. Being engaged, satisfied, motivated and equipped to do your job is obviously important; and we feel the best way of ensuring this is to establish a common purpose, build values around it and express those values through a Fit-for-Life Culture.

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Health (A state of physical and emotional well-being)

Career (What we do… just a job or our calling?)

Financial (Effective management of resources)

Social (A strong sense of belonging)

Community (Engagement where we live)

Spiritual (Beliefs and Values)

Our primary objective with employers is to help develop successful strategies for infusing these six essential elements throughout the workplace and their interaction with each other. Research has proven that when individuals excel in each of these areas, they are happier, healthier, more engaged and more productive.

In our work with organizations and businesses of all sizes, we see a direct correlation between the success of these strategies and the individuals within an organization who are ‘leading’ the charge. Human beings are hard-wired to resist change, and organizations that have people helping to push the boundaries always see the greatest success with a larger amount of ‘engagement’ throughout the workforce.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) was awarded the 10th best Workplace Wellness program Nationally for 2018.

Managed by Savvy Health Solutions since 2004

We take tremendous pride in having strong, healthy relationships with the organizations that we serve.  We realize that success is built on the trust with those who are creating the opportunities for the workforce.  We embrace the value of being extremely approachable and reliable.  Our primary mission is to co-create the best possible experience in developing successful and lasting relationships that will positively impact the lives within each organization through our Fit-for-Life process.