Savvy Health Solutions was instrumental with the creation and development of our Workplace Wellness Program. These programs would be non-existent if it were not for Savvy’s creative approach of engaging and motivating our leadership and employees.”
— Marlene Lawler, Benefits Manager, Holt of California

I’ve worked for SMUD for 15 years and I have never experienced such a dedicated group of wellness professionals as Savvy Health Solutions! The group fitness classes, one-on-one training, disease management classes, special events, are just a few things provided. I credit Savvy for being healthy and staying consistent with my exercise routines. Thanks for all the encouragement and excellent coaching!
— Piyush Amin, Senior Market Specialist

Savvy Health Solutions has always provided quality programs and services which were specially designed to meet the needs of our organization. They have succeeded in creating unique solutions which are specific and relevant to assisting our clients. Savvy Health Solutions facilitates their programming in a way which allows all required parties to interact throughout the process. We are very pleased with our association with Savvy Health Solutions and the tremendous asset they have been to our clients.
— Randy Smith, Former Vice President, York Risk Services Group, Inc.
Savvy Health Solutions provides proactive wellness programming for employers and individuals. Participants reduce the effects of aging, feel healthier, and avoid becoming customers of the sickness (healthcare) business. I have benefited being a customer of Savvy’s early-stage to health. It has been a life-changing opportunity.
— Nancy Moorhouse, CEO, JASTA Group

In 2012, SASD partnered with Savvy Health Solutions to redesign our two employee Fitness Centers and develop our now robust Workplace Wellness Program. Since working with Savvy Health Solutions, we have seen and heard a significant positive impact with our employee’s overall quality of life.
— Matthew Doyle, Safety & Regulatory Compliance Section Manger, Sacramento Area Sewer District

I cannot overstate the value that Savvy Health Solutions has displayed at Raley’s with their very powerful onsite wellness programming solutions that has improved the morale of our colleagues and helped protect them from injuries.
— Dave Tognetti, Senior Safety Manager

Working with a Savvy Health Solutions professional has been the best thing I have ever done for my health! Following a serious illness in July 2005 and completing my medical treatment, I began to work with Savvy Health Solutions to improve my overall health and to lose the excess weight I had carried for most of my life. In ten months, I lost 30 pounds in body weight and my body fat percentage dropped from a high of 42% to a more acceptable 30%.
— Janet Robertson, Administrative Assistant