Savvy Health Solutions provides employers with the strategies and support necessary to implement effective Injury Recovery, Injury Prevention, and Workplace Wellness services that can be integrated into an existing risk management, health and safety and wellness programs.

We have established minimum qualifications in education, certification, and training experience for the Fitness Professionals delivering our programs in order to maintain the highest quality service for our customers.


College undergraduate or graduate degree in a related curriculum, e.g. exercise science, kinesiology, physiolgy, athletic training, or physical education, and/or graduate of a health and fitness related trade school.


A Certification approved by the National Commission for Certifying Agency (NCCA), or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation will be required for all Fitness Professionals. Below are the certifications we recommend.

a.  American Council on Exercise (ACE)
b.  American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
c.  National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
d.  National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

Specialty Certifications

The Functional Movement System (FMS) certification and programming experience will be required to facilitate the Injury Recovery and Injury Prevention programs.


Minimum of 2 years practical experience providing individual or group exercise programming for a variety of disciplines as well as working with high risk populations.

Additional Certification

CPR, AED, and HIPAA Certification

Independent Contractor

Any Fitness Professionals who are hired as Independent Contractors do not qualify for Federal Insurance Contribution Act, Social Security Act, Federal Unemployment Tax Act, provisions of the Internal Revenue code, State Revenue and Taxation Code relating to income tax withholding at the source of income, Workers' Compensation Insurance, 401(k), and any other benefit payments and third-party liability claims. 

It will be the responsibility of the Independent Contractor to manage their own taxes, healthcare coverage, income replacement and disabilty insurance.

Independent Contractors will be required to carry their own professional liability insurance with a policy endorsement that includes Savvy Health Solutions, and the company's you are servicing on behalf of Savvy Health Solutions, as an additional insured.