We believe the most valuable quality for a person to thrive at work, and in life, is that of a team player. The virtues that enable someone to be an ideal team player are being humble, hungry and smart

Patrick Lencioni, The Ideal Team Player


Paul Wright
Founder and CEO

Paul’s experience in the health and wellness industry extends over 35 years which has included teaching at the high school and collegiate levels; strength coach for professional and collegiate athletes; the design, engineering, and manufacturing of fitness equipment; the design and production of a fitness publication; positions held as an Athletic Director, Fitness Director, General Manager and Owner of Health and Fitness Centers.

In 1991, Paul founded Savvy Health Solutions focused on providing individuals with the best opportunity for assuming personal responsibility for their own health and well-being, which at its core is education.

In 1995, Paul development of the Injury Recovery program positioned within an employer's workers’ compensation division as part of an integrated disability management strategy.  The success of this program lead to the Injury Prevention program to help reduce soft-tissue injuries across the workforce while improving dependability and productively.

In 2003, Paul was selected to serve as a Member of the State of California Task Force for Workplace Wellness where Paul functioned as the Worksite Committee Chair and assisted with the development of the California Fit Business Award and the California Fit Business Kit.

This launched the Workplace Wellness programming that has delivered local, regional and national recognition for organizations and business of all sizes and industry.


Patty Palumbo-Shackelford
Wellness Program Coordinator
Lead administrator

Patty began working with Savvy Health Solutions in June 2013.  Patty has worked as the recruiting, training and management administrator for all Fitness Professionals hired to facilitate the Injury Recovery, Injury Prevention and Workplace Wellness programs throughout our Northern and Central California. 

Patty is the Wellness Program Coordinator for out largest client with 2000+ lives with the primary role of managing the administrative duties of the two on-site Fitness Centers and Associated Wellness Programs in collaboration and support of the employers Workplace Wellness Manager.

Patty brings a strong leadership and management experience to Savvy Health Solutions with positions as an operations manager and large-scale project consultant manager in the corporate relocations fields.  


Marlene vierra
Wellness Program Coordinator
Lead Instructor

Marlene began working for Savvy Health Solutions in May 2013. Marlene has over 25 years’ experience in the Fitness Industry as a Group Instructor, Personal Trainer, and 20 years as an Owner of her own Fitness Center. She has been an Instructor for Savvy in facilitating Injury Prevention, Injury Recovery and Wellness programs, as well as a Presenter at Seminars

Marlene brings knowledge, leadership, and is highly motivated to enhance and inspire others in their journey to a healthier life style. She creates a training environment that not only motivates but also empowers individuals to continually challenge themselves by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability.



Angie began working at Savvy Health Solutions in 2006 as the Wellness Director for the Schools Insurance Group (SIG).  Angie coordinated fitness classes and health education seminars at 10 different locations across four school districts while managing over 14 fitness professionals. 

After the sudden loss of her husband in 2008, Angie left Savvy to be home with her children while working part-time managing a clothing boutique, providing administrative assistance at her children’s private school, and group fitness instructor. 

Angie returned to Savvy Health Solutions in January of 2015 as a Client Relations Specialist providing high quality project coordination and customer service, managing program logistics, and collaborating with external vendors.

Angie has been a certified Group Fitness and Spin Instructor since 2003 and recently obtained her Personal Training Certification.


Stephanie Cox

Stephanie began working with Savvy Health Solutions in November 2009 and is an invaluable member of the team. She provides administrative expertise throughout the organization and works as the liaison between the clients, management team, and fitness professionals in the field to ensure scheduling, programming, and reporting compliance.  Stephanie has also been intricately involved in the development and management of Savvy’s corporate intranet, website, and various IT requirements.

Before working with Savvy Health Solutions, Stephanie was a stay-at-home mom managing the health care and in-home care for a child with medical needs. Prior to that, she was employed by a data processing company for 10 years delivering business design and quality assurance training.

Kathy Burrichter

Kathy has been in the accounting industry since 1978, having earned an Associate’s Degree in Accounting and certification in both the PC and online editions of QuickBooks.  Kathy’s past experience spans from functioning as the A/R supervisor for a 10 store hardware chain to managing her own advertising agency with her husband and performing all accounting for this business for nearly 20 years.  Kathy provides all bookkeeping (accounts receivable, payable, and payroll) services for Savvy Health Solutions, along with various other companies.  In addition to enjoying the positive team energy at Savvy Health Solutions, Kathy cherishes her time with her two beautiful granddaughters.


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