Unexpected Ways to Stress Less

Stress is one of those nagging things that never seems to go away. Unexpected things in life have a way of bringing us extra stress. The following are 9 Unexpected Ways to Stress Less. If you are feeling overwhelmed, these are things that can help decrease stress, increase self-esteem and immune system.

1.       Get a Little Dirty

Gardening has long been considered a hobby that enhances emotional and physical well-being. Getting active in the yard can help you feel less stressed!

2.       Take a Shot

Surrounding yourself with photos can trigger positive emotions, reduce stress and improve your state of mind. Both looking at and taking photographs can be healing and an easy, effective ways to de-stress.

3.       Get Hands-On with Animals

Research shows that learning new skills at a farm or ranch—such as herding sheep or riding horses—can increase self-efficacy and overall well-being. In fact, even the most common caretaking activities, such as brushing or walking your pets can relieve stress.

4.       Sing Your Stress Away

Even people who can’t sing well can benefit hugely from doing so! Sing a tune to relieve some stress!

5.       Do the cha-cha

Want to relieve stress, bond with your partner and burn extra calories all at once? Try boogying the night away. Dancing with friends, family, partner, can inspire awareness and body appreciation, which is valuable to overall health and well-being.

6.       Giving Someone a Massage

When it comes to massages, sometimes it may be better to give than to receive. Receiving can also be a great stress reliever!

7.       Get Crafty!

You don’t have to paint perfect sunsets, crochet flawless afghans or sew meticulous quilts to enjoy the benefits of art. The actual process of making art can alleviate emotional stress and anxiety.

8.       Become One with Nature

Interacting with nature helps people recover more rap­idly from stress, restores mental clarity and increases general well-being. Plus it’s a nice calorie burn!

9.       Force a Little Laughter

The benefits of laughter—lower blood pressure, de­creased stress hormones and stronger immune func­tion—occur even if you’re not laughing at something funny.